Reserve Closures

Closure of the Reserve

The Reserve will be closed on the morning of Saturday 20th October until 12.30 pm as the West of Yore Hunt will be operating in the area.

Opening Hours

The Reserve is accessible to members during daylight hours at any time but there are days when we have to close the Reserve for safety reasons. This might be because major maintenance work is being undertaken, or the river is very full and flooding is possible, or because there are country sports events in the area which can impact upon the Reserve. Signs are provided at the entrance to the Reserve giving advance notice of the days on which it is not accessible. Sometimes the Reserve must be closed because of an urgent issue and in such circumstances we cannot provide members with advance notice.

Members’ visits on Thursdays

The Volunteer Team is on site each Thursday undertaking management tasks. Please be aware therefore that there may be areas of the Reserve where work is underway and you may not be able to access, and that the Reserve may not be as peaceful as it usually is.