Species Recording

Records are made of observations submitted by visitors so that we can monitor the species on the Reserve with the following aims:-

  • to reveal possible changes in the status of the wildlife
  • to help determine conservation strategies and to assess their effects
  • to identify rare species and those under threat
  • to provide a historical record of species and to show trends in population
  • to contribute to regional and national records

The Recording Area extends beyond the Reserve in order to provide a more comprehensive and accurate record of wildlife in the area and a map is provided below. Members and visitors have no privileged access to this wider area, except on public roads, bridleways and public footpaths.

High Batts publishes an Annual Report detailing the species seen.

RA map March 15

We encourage all members and visitors to submit details of their observations. This can be in the form of written notes, completed Record Sheets (see below) or photographs. When submitting notes or photographs please let us know when and where the shot was taken and the weather conditions at the time. Please also include your contact details in the event that we need to clarify any facts.

You can download Recording Sheets below. When completed they can be left in the Hide at the Reserve or sent to L Woodruff, 26 The Shepherdies, North Stainley, Ripon HG4 3HU.